Generic L-Bracket

I recently purchased a generic L-bracket off eBay. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as I was not planning on using this L-bracket a lot and the camera it was connecting to was small and light (so didn’t need anything rugged). Well, let’s say you get what you pay for. The first … More Generic L-Bracket

Slowing down

There are, unfortunately, going to be fewer posts this year due to lack of useful free time and the need to get caught up on existing work. I have dozens of partially done posts that need illustrations so the slowdown isn’t due to lack of ideas. Good luck to all of you and Happy New … More Slowing down

Camera displays and shooting outdoors

When shooting outdoors on sunny or partially sunny days, there is no question that viewfinders reign, but many small cameras now opt for no viewfinder. Why is this important? Because people, including you, are easily influenced by hurdles — even small hurdles. In this case, you might not stretch as a photographer and shoot a tall composition … More Camera displays and shooting outdoors