Fuji X-T1 electronic shutter – banding in artificial lighting

*Update* First off – Why is this important?

Because if you want to catch low light action photography (that includes people interacting naturally indoors) then you will need to test the shutter speed you want to use in that lighting first. The effect is not immediately visible in the viewfinder or back display, but is visible in playback (especially if you flip between photos).

X-T1 electronic shutter banding Fuji X-T1 electronic shutter banding 20150702 195648 DSCF3014 XT1 250th electronic_DCE-P100

Watch out for artificial lighting when using electronic shutter.

At faster shutter speeds, you may get banding depending on the type of artificial lighting (such as fluorescent). The effect largely disappears around 1/60th in the fluorescent lighting below.

The color between mechanical at 1/250th and electronic at 1/60th is different, too. (I should redo the test both at 1/60th to see if the color changes.)

20150702 195639 DSCF3013 XT1 250th mechanical_DCE-P100 mechanical shutter at 1/250th

20150702 195648 DSCF3014 XT1 250th electronic_DCE-P100 electronic shutter at 1/250th

20150702 195755 DSCF3017 XT1 180th electronic_DCE-P100 electronic shutter at 1/180h

20150702 195804 DSCF3018 XT1 125th electronic_DCE-P100 electronic shutter at 1/125th

20150702 195811 DSCF3019 XT1 60th electronic_DCE-P100 electronic shutter at 1/60th

*Update 12/13/2015* I have recently shot multiple plays and orchestra concerts using the wonderfully silent electronic shutter successfully and have been very happy with the results (I will post about these soon). But it still is a good idea to test the electronic shutter in artificial lighting before committing to shooting the entire event this way.


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