Sensor noise

After some disappointing night shots, I did a test on all my cameras to see how much sensor (signal) noise each inherently had hiding in the background. Below are the results. The last one is for my Fuji X-T1. At first I thought that I had made a mistake, but I redid the test and it came out the same. The results are nearly black!!!

The tests were done:

  • with noise reduction and long exposure NR off or at the lowest setting
  • with lens cap on
  • in a zippered camera bag
  • with a 2 sec timer
  • all displays (including EVF) off
  • highest ISO before the camera starts boosting the image
  • images boosted with DxO Optics Pro 8, EV+4, Smart Lighting 200.

20150211 125523 iphone5c 640iso_DxO_Crop-P10020150211 130426 iphone5c 3200iso_DxO_Crop-P100 iPhone 5C 1/60th ISO640, 1/15th ISO3200

20150211 095648 IMG_8888 G15 100iso_DxO_Crop-P10020150211 095718 IMG_8890 G15 1600iso_DxO_Crop-P100 Canon G15 1/60th ISO100, 1/60th ISO1600

20150210 223056 IMG_8880 t2i 100iso_DxO_Crop-P10020150210 223108 IMG_8881 t2i 6400iso_DxO_Crop-P100 Canon t2i 1/60th ISO100, 1/60th ISO6400

20150210 222300 IMG_4400 7D 200iso_DxO_Crop-P10020150210 222310 IMG_4401 7D 6400iso_DxO_Crop-P100 Canon 7D 1/125th ISO200, 1/125th ISO6400

20150814 220247 DSCF4115 XT1 iso200 60th_DxO_Crop-P10020150814 220304 DSCF4116 XT1 iso6400 60th_DxO_Crop-P100 Fuji X-T1 1/60th ISO200, 1/60th ISO6400

See what I mean? The boosted images are nearly black! I thought that I had made a mistake, but I reshot to confirm the results and settings including no/low noise reduction. And because the Fuji performed so well, I thought that I would try out 30sec ISO6400 which killed the images on the previous cameras.

20150814 220331 DSCF4117 XT1 iso6400 30sec_DxO_Crop-P100 Fuji X-T1 30sec ISO6400

30 sec esposure ended up with LESS noise. (Yes, long exposure NR was turned off. Some Fuji signal noise reduction magic going on?)

20150814 220304 DSCF4116 XT1 iso6400 60th_DxO_Crop-P100 20150814 220304 DSCF4116 XT1 iso6400 60th_DxO-P100 Crop. Full size (click to enlarge).

But what about that red tint in the 1/60 ISO200? It’s only at the bottom of the image and only on shots under 1 sec and not in any of the 30sec shots that I took. Remember, this is inside a zippered bag with all displays (including EVF) turned off. What is going on??? Anyone else getting these results?


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