Canon adapter for Fuji X mount – Part 2 – follow-up testing

*Update 9/2015* Hold your horses! Just got a Nikon to Fuji adapter and focusing with an old Nikon lens made in the manual focus age is MUCH easier! Will post more soon.

20150809 182612 DSCF3819 XT1 55mm_DCE

Sharpness has been difficult to reproduce in formal testing without taking multiple shots. These few samples are the best from dozens of shots.

20150809 173952 IMG_9771 7D 50mm phase sharp3_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150809 182732 DSCF3820 XT1 50mm canon f1.8_Crop_2_DCE_DCE

20150809 174235 IMG_9779 7D 15-85mm phase sharp3_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150809 182831 DSCF3822 XT1 15-85mm canon f5_Crop_2_DCE_DCE

vs. Fuji 18-55mm at 55mm f/4

20150809 182612 DSCF3819 XT1 55mm_Crop_DCE_DCE


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