Canon adapter for Fuji X mount – Part 3 – testing with rulers

 *Update 9/2015* Hold your horses! Just got a Nikon to Fuji adapter and focusing with an old Nikon lens made in the manual focus age is MUCH easier! Will post more soon.

20150812 195859 DSCF4061 XT1 18mm_DCE

I thought that more controlled testing would help clear the air, but alas, no. It just reinforced how difficult it was to manually focus lenses designed for autofocus. Below are the best photos out of dozens of shots.

Canon 50mm f/1.8

20150812 200748 IMG_9486 t2i 50mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 200957 IMG_9828 7D 50mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 201754 DSCF4066 XT1 50mm f1.8_Crop_DCE_DCE vs 20150812 195740 DSCF4060 XT1 55mm_Crop_DCE_DCE

Canon 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 at 50mm f/5

20150812 202922 IMG_9829 7D 15-85mm 50mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 202948 IMG_9492 t2i 15-85mm 50mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 203438 DSCF4073 XT1 15-85mm 50mm_Crop_DCE_DCE vs 20150812 195740 DSCF4060 XT1 55mm_Crop_DCE_DCE

Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS at 70mm

20150812 203916 IMG_9495 t2i 70-200mm 70mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 204003 IMG_9832 7D 70-200mm 70mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 204327 DSCF4076 XT1 70-200mm 70mm_Crop_DCE_DCE vs 20150812 195740 DSCF4060 XT1 55mm_Crop_DCE_DCE

Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS at 200mm

20150812 204033 IMG_9498 t2i 70-200mm 200mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 204045 IMG_9834 7D 70-200mm 200mm_Crop_DCE_DCE 20150812 204355 DSCF4077 XT1 70-200mm 200mm_Crop_DCE_DCE

Test conditions:

  • Shot at a distance of 6ft
  • Lens was approx 31 inches off the ground
  • On a tripod
  • ISO200
  • 2 sec timer
  • Autofocus set to smallest size
  • Aperture was set at the len’s widest setting
  • Sharpness set to 3 (default) on Canons and 0 (-2 to 0 to +2) on Fuji
  • Exposure was set to Center Weighted on the Canons and Multi on the X-T1


  • EV correction was set to 0 on all cameras. I don’t know why the 7D shot everything darker. My guess is to favor retaining highlight detail in RAW.
  • Because the Canon has a 1.6 crop factor and Fuji’s has a 1.5 crop factor, this makes the Canon lenses wider on Fuji bodies (which is why the lenses look wider on the Canon body.
  • Differences in focus between the Canons appear to be due to depth of field leaning toward the foreground or background.
  • Multiple photos were taken to get the best focus. The Canons were often close but out of focus. Fuji was nearly spot on each time.
  • I apologize for test 3 images to be so small on the page. I was unable to squeeze 3 images in the narrow WordPress layout without it moving the 3rd image to the next line.

Bottom line

  • Images with this adapter can be sharp IF you can get the subject in focus. This is a manual focus only adapter, and even with the excellent help of Fuji’s focus peaking assistance, the difference between being in focus and being out of focus is less than 1mm of turn on the focus ring. (Take a moment to let that sink in. Ouch!)
  • Less than 1mm turn of the focus ring would result at the focus being moved 1/4″ – 1/2″ on subjects under 10ft away. That’s easily enough to get an eye in a portrait out of focus.

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