Fuji XQ1 vs Canon G15

20150824_143132 elitebook_DCE

In many ways, this is an unfair comparison. Comparing the G15 to the X10/20/30* would be a better comparison, but I happen to have these two cameras to compare at the moment.

*FYI the X10/20/30 uses the same/very similar sensor to the XQ1 so the images below may still be a good comparison.

Also, as far as I understand, the Fuji XQ1 and the XQ2 are very similar except for a faster processor in the XQ2, so many aspects of this XQ1 review probably apply to the XQ2.


The XQ1 has a sensor about 1/8 the size of the rest of the Fuji X series cameras (which are APS-C). That means that the aperture and ISO perform roughly 3 stops worse.

Also, although the sensor is slightly bigger than on my Canon G15, the Fuji images were less sharp…

1 20150716 151256 IMG_9101 G15_Crop_DCE 1 20150716 151225 DSCF1187 XQ1_Crop_DCE
4 20150716 151345 IMG_9104 G15_Crop_DCE 4 20150716 151318 DSCF1190 XQ1_Crop_DCE

But don’t let any of this put you down quite yet. This camera has a lot to offer including most of Fuji’s wonderful programming seen in the other X series cameras.

(Plus, the target audience for this camera aren’t pixel peepers like myself.)


Having gotten my feet wet with the Fuji X-T1, I felt right at home with the XQ1. The menus and controls are very similar. A few of the options are disabled (like white balance adjustment in panorama mode), but there are also a few surprises (360 panorama?!).

The exposure and color are much more pleasing than on my G15.

1 20150716 151256 IMG_9101 G15_DCE 1 20150716 151225 DSCF1187 XQ1_DCE
13 20150716 194716 IMG_9113 G15_DCE 13 20150716 194650 DSCF1199 XQ1_DCE

And the XQ1 also focuses faster than the G15 thanks to embedded phase detection in the 2nd generation X-TRANS sensor. And the camera is also just plain fun to shoot compared to my G15. It fits in my cargo pant pocket comfortably while my G15 is bulky and uncomfortable.

Although there isn’t a separate EV dial, changing EV was a snap via the back buttons.

And although this won’t replace my G15…

  • The XQ1 lacks a hotshoe
  • The G15 shoots nicer video
  • The XQ1 doesn’t have the 1/2″ minimum focusing distance of the G15 (but it can shoot very close)

…The tiny size, pleasing white balance, good low light performance and minimum shutter speed setting in the ISO settings, it is a perfect camera for my non-technical wife to capture busy, busy Girl Scouts.

More sample images:

20150720 150020 DSCF1251 xq1_DCE 20150720 154540 DSCF1252 xq1_DCE 20150722 081919 DSCF1271 xq1_DCE 20150721 054230 DSCF1258 xq1_DCE 20150716 195123 DSCF1202 XQ1_DCE


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