Two hand straps?

20150820 215732 IMG_9443 G15_Crop_DCE

Are those two hand straps on your X-T1?

Yes. You saw correctly.

  • My Peak Design Clutch doesn’t fit on the short body of the X-T1.
  • I tried a Joby DSLR wrist strap, but found the plastic slider getting in the way and getting damaged. Plus, I wasn’t using it because it was so hard to get off.

I finally settled for two small Nikon straps that I found on eBay. (One seemed too little support if I dropped the camera.) They are soft, lightweight, don’t get in the way much, and not that hard to get on or off when I need them.

A Wii strap would have probably worked, too, but the clamp would probably get in the way (the way the Joby strap slider got in the way) so I would have to remove the clamp or get one without the clamp.

I might someday go to a soft, genuine leather strap, but for now, cheap and light are all I need.


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