Fuji X-T1 Thumbrest by Lensmate

20150825 204540 IMG_9489 G15_DCE

I bought both the Lensmate Thumbrest and Lolumina Soft Button as a bundle. (I probably would not have purchased the soft button on my own, but now that I have it, I like it — especially when I use the thumbrest.)

When I first started using my X-T1, I immediately had to rework how I hold cameras because, unlike my Canon 7D, there is very little for my big hands to grip. Instead, I started supporting the tiny camera with my left hand and dedicating my right hand to just shutter release and making adjustments. This worked pretty well — I even started just carrying the camera with my left hand sometimes, but I wanted to explore other options.

20150825 212331 IMG_9523 G15_DCE 20150825 212405 IMG_9524 G15_DCE

(Good grief! Are my nails really that dry??? Please ignore the nails!)

The thumbrest is WONDERFUL! Photos do not properly show how natural and secure it is to hold the camera this way (but this is far from perfect — more on this in later posts).


  • Moving the hand up makes it so the palm of your hand can now move from the uncomfortable edge of the camera to the main body of the camera.
  • Your fingers move up, too, so now they have a place to grip.
  • Holding the camera with the right hand now feels very secure.
  • The only time I take off the thumbrest is to attach something to the hotshoe — thankfully, I don’t have to do this too often.


20150825 204526 IMG_9488 G15_DCE 20150825 204540 IMG_9489 G15_DCE

  • You can (mostly) access all the controls except you need to use your fingertip to access the WiFi button and the AF-L is harder to get to.
    • I tried using back-button focus for quite a while, but just couldn’t fit it into how I shoot. It felt too much like patting my head while rubbing my tummy — something I can do, but have no need to complicate things.
    • I also used the WiFi button extensively while on our vacation to the Grand Canyon to get GPS data and didn’t find it significantly harder to push the WiFi button.
  • The current light metering mode selected is also mostly blocked, so I have had to make it a habit to check this.

But, overall, the pros outweigh the benefits so I miss the thumbrest more when it is off the camera than I am annoyed by it when it is on the camera.


  • I have not noticed the thumbrest getting loose with time. I bought mine from lensmateonline around June 2015, and I detach the thumbrest (to attach a bubble level) at least once a week or more.
  • and yes, the JJC long eye cup is sure a lint magnet.

*10/2015 Update*

  • I recently got an MHG-XT large hand grip. This rotated my hand enough so that the natural thumb position of my hand lowered from where the Lensmate Thumbrest sits to where Fuji probably designed the thumb to rest. With the hand grip in place, I now prefer NOT to have the Lensmate Thumbrest attached at the same time so I can access the thumb controls more easily.
  • If I get a 2nd X-T1 and don’t mount a hand grip to it, I definitely would use the thumbrest on it.


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