Soft Release Button by Lolumina

20150825 202616 IMG_9464 G15_DCE

In my first few weeks of use, I found that the shutter button on my X-T1 was a little more difficult to press than on my Canon DSLRs. The on/off collar seems to protect it a little too much so the tip of my finger has to dive in deeper. It wasn’t a deal breaker, but it took away from an otherwise good overall experience with the camera.

When I bought a Lensmate Thumbrest the Lolumina Soft Button was a bundle option. I probably would not have purchased the soft button on my own, but now that I have it, I like it a lot.

Unlike the other Fuji X series cameras, the X-T1 has a flat, plastic shutter release button, so you can’t just use inexpensive, eBay screw-on soft release buttons — you have to use ones that attach to the button with adhesive like those by Lolumina.

Be warned! The instructions for attaching the base of the button to the shutter release button says that the adhesive needs 3 days to fully bond. Three days! Luckily, I had three busy days that would keep me from the camera, but otherwise, 3 days would have been torture!


  • The added height makes the release able to be pushed with any part of your fingertip including the joint.
  • This made pushing the shutter button much easier when using a thumbrest

20150825 204540 IMG_9489 G15_DCE 20150825 212405 IMG_9524 G15_DCE

  • Resting the pad or the joint of your finger on the button is amazingly easier on your finger which is great for us who have repetitive stress injuries on our fingers thanks to a lot of computer mouse use
  • Having the button raised (instead of protected by the on/off collar) turns the button into a hair trigger which is really nice for trying to catch action or fleeting moments like a look or laughter
  • The hair trigger can also reduces camera shake since you don’t press into the on/off collar which is firmly attached to the body of the camera.

This button is raised (convex?) instead of flat or recessed (concave?). I would imagine that the flat or recessed would not feel as natural under the joint of my finger, but:

  • probably would be fine with the rest of my finger
  • the location of the button on the other Fuji cameras might work better for flat or recessed, however, I don’t have other cameras to test this.


  • Sometimes wakes up my camera while in the camera bag and takes a picture. I probably should get out of the habit of keeping my camera on in the camera bag anyway. Not a good habit to have.
  • I, sometimes, accidentally take a picture of the ground or of my foot while the camera is at my side on a camera strap.

For me, the pros outweigh the cons. The pros are so good, in fact, that I’m thinking about adding a button to my 7D.

There appears to be 3 different styles of buttons available at Lolumina right now, and the buttons are changeable, so the larger button might be something I might try in the future.

**Update** Ha! Apparently, Fuji has gotten feedback from enough photographers that the X-T2 comes with a threaded shutter button so standard soft release buttons will work 🙂


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