Fuji X-T1 Long Eye Cup by JJC

20150825 211545 IMG_9514 G15_DCE20150825 211912 IMG_9519 G15_Crop_DCE

The standard eye cup that comes with the Fuji X-T1 is fine, but wanted it to have a large eye cup like I have on my Canon 7D. This long eye cup by JJC (purchased through eBay) works great for me.

  • It works fine with my Lensmate thumbrest, but it does take a little finagling to get around the eye cup
  • It is a lint magnet compared to the OEM eye cup (which collects lint, too). The lint doesn’t bother me, but it might other people.
  • I wear glasses and this eye cup does a nice job blocking out slightly more sun.
  • We will see how it stands up to use, and I will update this post if anything changes.

**Update 3/2016**

The eye cup is still working great after several months, but I noticed that when I have a heavy lens attached and have the camera stored back side down in my camera bag, the eye cup sometimes get detached at the top (see photo below). It is not permanently damaged — you can push it back into place, but it isn’t quick and easy.

20160304 093135 IMG_9988 G15_DCE.jpg


My solution. Don’t store it monitor side down (which works or me).

**Update** Ha! Apparently, Fuji has gotten feedback from enough photographers that the X-T2 comes standard with a long eyecup. 🙂


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