LARMOR Glass Screen Protector

20150825 212405 IMG_9524 G15_DCE

Not much to see – it is practically invisible (which is, of course, exactly what you want). The only way you can tell it is there is that the edge is now slightly sharp instead of flush.

I only have plastic screen protectors on my Canon DSLRs since those screens are used only for settings and playback (I don’t like live view), but since I used the screen so frequently on my X-T1, I wanted to try a glass screen protector.

My JJC arrived with good instructions, but here is my take (much easier to apply than cheap plastic screen protectors):

  1. Find a less dusty work space.
  2. Make sure the camera is mostly dust free near the screen (canned air or tape to take off dust should work)
  3. Wipe off the screen with the included cleaner sheet.
  4. If you have a lot of fluid in the sheet,
    1. try wiping it with a dryer section until the fluid dries quickly off the screen (it would be preferable not to have chemical “stains,” but probably not awful).
    2. Don’t use tissue to dry. Tissue paper will just add lint which will bubble between the screen protector and the glass.
  5. Remove the protective sheet from the LCD side of the protector.
  6. Carefully align the sheet to one edge of the screen
    1. The thicker black border goes on the right where the thicker border is on the X-T1 screen.
    2. I did the left edge since I am right handed, but the longer upper or lower edge will probably be easier to align for most people.
  7. Slowly lower the screen until it attaches and magically starts connecting to the screen
  8. If your alignment isn’t to your liking, carefully pull up the edge until it detaches and realign (I had to do this, too)

The screen is much brighter than my plastic protectors. I ended up liking this so much that I got one for my Canon G15. Will my Canon DSLRs, get this love? Probably not since I started using my X-T1.

I ended up getting a LARMOR for my 7D. I often review photos on my 7D out in bright sunlight which isn’t so easy with a cheap plastic screen protector. The screen went on as easily as it did on my X-T1 (which means that I had to reseat it once).


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