Hand Straps vs Mirrorless Cameras

Updated 5/26/2016

I like my sling straps and harnesses, but there are some times that I just want to carry the camera. For my DSLRs, I like my Peak Design Clutch. Its slim so it can fit against the body for when I just want to grab the camera, but (unlike wrist straps) it’s quick to slide your hand in so you actually use it.

But the Clutch (like nearly every other hand strap) doesn’t fit on a mirrorless body. Why, you ask?

To make sure we are on the same page, hand straps wrap around the hand.

peak design clutch APEAKCA455277480_001

Wrist straps wrap around (drop roll please) the wrist.


Why don’t hand straps, that work great on DSLRS, work on mirrorless cameras? Because unlike DSLRs which work reasonably well with hand straps…

20151020 192000 IMG_9647 t2i flipped_Crop_DCE

On mirrorless cameras:

1) the overall height from the attachment point to the bottom of a mirrorless camera is MUCH shorter than on a DSLR. This makes the distance shorter than the width of your hand, and therefore the hand strap wraps unnaturally/uncomfortably around your hand.

nikon d800 290-4-1_DCE_Cropcanon 7d 154-4-1_DCE_Cropsony a7 II 579-4-1_DCE_Cropfuji x-e2 493-4-1_DCE_Cropfuji x100t 566-4-1_DCE_Cropfuji x-t1 520-4-1_DCE_Cropolympus om-d e-m5 mark II 594-4-1_DCE_Cropsony a6000 535-4-1_DCE_Cropsamsung nx3000 553-4-1_DCE_Crop

(FYI The Canon attachment point is recessed into the body.)

But more importantly…

2) The attachment point is much lower than on DSLRS (making your index finger stretch much further to get to the shutter release button) and

3) The shutter button is often much further back (due to the thinner body) making any hand strap go between the index and middle finger.

By design, most (if not all) mirrorless cameras are designed NOT to work with a traditional hand strap. It is designed for neck and wrist straps. (I don’t even like them for sling straps as they either point the lens straight out or work awkwardly with heavy lenses.)

But I still really want my Peak Design Clutch to fit on my X-T1. 😦 So what is there to do?

5/27/16 – I will post my thoughts on this soon instead of bog down this old post.


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