Fuji EXIF Copyright

20150902 092557 iphone5c exif_DCE

For all their quirks and differences, I can usually find a way with my Fuji camera to “make it work” in a way that doesn’t increase my workload or make me operate unnaturally. It’s just adjusting to the differences like changing cars or moving into a new house.

But there is one thing that I can’t work around. Having copyright information automatically added to JPEG and RAW files in the camera. Both my Canon DSLRs and my Canon G15 has this. Why can’t Fuji?

  1. Yes, I can add them to the JPEG files in bulk after the files are downloaded, but not to the RAW files in bulk.
  2. and adding copyright in post isn’t much helpful in camera recovery. Look online for stories of lost and stolen cameras found after the copyright was discovered in the JPEG files.

So, Fuji, would you please add copyright info in the camera? (Maybe in the next firmware update???)


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