Manual focusing with the Fuji X-T1

I have had a hard time finding good information on what to expect from manual focus assistance from the Fuji X-T1, so here are a few photos.

When you switch the focus mode to manual, if you have focus peaking selected (default), you should see red dots where the image is in focus. Here it is on the back display.

20150910 210011 iPhone5C_DCE

(I captured this using the Office Lens app for my iPhone.) If you are using a Fuji lens, when you turn the focusing ring, the screen changes to a close up until you press half-way on the shutter button.

20150910 210034 iPhone5C_DCE

This is great for narrow apertures (this one is at f/4), but if you use wide apertures, you will want to use the high definition electronic viewfinder (EVF) which looks like this.

20150910 210504 iPhone5C_Crop_DCE

(I captured this with my iPhone stuck up to the viewfinder.) The right is a closeup of your focus point. Red focus peaks are displayed on the right, but the left is left alone for composition. The right disappears when you press half-way on the shutter button.

One thing that I learned is that even if the area is in red, it doesn’t mean that the image is sharp there.

The focus peaks are just helpful in knowing the general area of what is close to focus.

For example, the image above resulted in this:

20150910 200046 DSCF6177 XT1 fuji wb-incan_Crop_DCE 20150910 210034 iPhone5C_DCE

And you can see that the actual focused area is only at the very center of the focus peak area.

Definitely check your shots in case you need to retake.


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