Generic Nikon adapter for Fuji X mount

20150909 223418 IMG_9571 G15_DCE

This particular $10 Nikon adapter for Fuji X mount is labeled K&F Concepts, but there are dozens of similar designs sold on eBay. As I wrote in the previous post about mounting Canon lenses to my Fuji X-T1, the combinations look Frankenstein.

The larger lenses feel really heavy and imbalanced attached to the tiny X-T1. Even the tiny Nikon 50mm looks long thanks to the necessary distance to the body.

20150909 232812 IMG_9587 G15_Crop_DCE

The Nikon 50mm + adapter is about as big as the Fuji 18-55mm!

20150909 222319 IMG_9556 G15_Crop_DCE

Getting the adapter mounted to the old Nikon lens was tough the first time. (At first, I thought that I had the wrong adapter.) But once on, the adapter has no wiggle.


OMG! What a huge difference it is using a Nikon lens made in the manual focus age vs a new Canon lens made in the AF age!

20150910 062934 IMG_9600 G15_DCE

The focus ring on the old lens:

  • Is not recessed and thin (like the new AF lens) so easier to grip
  • And turns nearly half way around the barrel vs less than 1/4 turn around the barrel on the Canon (probably to help the autofocus motors work better).

I have been able to manually focus nearly every shot that I have tried so far and get pretty close which is a much different experience than I had with the new Canon lens.


Here is the Canon adapter next to the Nikon adapter.

20150909 224152 IMG_9580 G15_Crop_DCE

Notice the slight difference in height. This is probably due to the Canon having a crop factor of 1.6 and the Nikon having a crop factor of 1.5 (which is due to slight differences in sensor size which then results in differences in hardware design).

Sample photos


2 thoughts on “Generic Nikon adapter for Fuji X mount

  1. I’d say that the different heigth of the two adapters is due to the different flange to focal distance: 44 mm for Canon EF vs. 46,5 mm for Nikon F. the crop factor 1.6 vs. 1.5 is not related to this, and it is due to the slightly different sensor size, with Canon having a marginally smaller sensor than Nikon (although both are named APS-C).


    1. I agree. When I wrote about crop factor, I was using short hand to refer to the differences in sensor size which results in hardware differences. As you can imagine, it is a little tricky writing in the word soup of photography and still stay brief and interesting.


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