Fuji X100S vs X100T

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As a frugal photographer, I have (more than once) considered getting a used X100S (or the original X100) to save hundreds over the current model X100T. Many articles point that images produced by both cameras are very similar and the difference is only the wifi*…

*which is already a real bummer since I, personlally, would want to use this as a carefree travel and family camera including being able to post photos from it through my iPhone.

…but wifi is not the only difference. There are other significant differences that are worth considering. These few are mine.

(Keep in mind that I only have an X-T1 — I don’t have any of the X100 cameras.)

  • The X100S display is only 460K.
    • It has been years since I had a display that was only 460K. That’s HALF the resolution of every camera we use now in our house.
    • This kind of display might be painful to use when composing, checking or sharing images with someone on-the-spot, (at least it might be for for me) but the photos of the screen look pretty good, so this might be doable.
    • The good news is that the EVF is 2MP, but it miiight be slightly awkward to share images with someone on-the-spot using the EVF — especially if you flip through photos or you are using a slight or neck strap
  • The X100S sensor does not have phase detection.
    • Without phase detection, the X100S would be slower to focus than the X100T (which has the X-TRANS II sensor which has phase detection built in).
    • I know this is not important to everyone. Most of the time, I don’t need the added speed either, but then there are the crucial, won’t-repeat-itself times when you absolutely need it. And for me, keeping up with my kids (and future grandkids), slow cameras don’t cut it.
  • The X100S only has 2 stops EV compensation.
    • I love to shoot sunrises and sunsets and EV-2 stops isn’t enough. Granted, I could shoot manually, but then what is the point of having an EV compensation dial for convenience if you can’t use it???
  • I hear that there are also button changes, some dials are firmer, etc.

These might not be a concern for you, but it might be for someone else. I might have considered an X100S (or the X-E1) as a nice camera for thoughtful, slow work, but, once again, as a frugal photographer, I don’t have extra money around just to purchase a less capable camera for occasional work.

  • The new stuff has to pull its weight on everything until it gets outdated
  • The old stuff can do occasional stuff at home but usually I want to go out with the most flexible/capable equipment

I might consider getting a 27mm or 18mm pancake lens to turn my current X-T1 (or future X-E2) into a pseudo X100T.

20150925_152956 elitebook

But, I wouldn’t get:

  • The awesomely quiet leaf shutter
  • The integrated ND filter

**Update** After having an X100T for several months, I can tell you definitively that there are a lot of things that make an X-E2 with a pancake lens, not remotely a pseudo X100T. I’ll have to write up a post on this later.

So, for me,

  • until I get either an X-E2, X-T10 or 2nd X-T1 so I can quickly shoot two bodies (to attain minimum function first)
  • any X100’s are far down the priority list

but if any of the X100’s were to fall into my lap, I would gladly love it for all its quirks and carry it around all the time. 🙂

**Update** I ended up getting an X-E2 as a 2nd body for shooting events. This taught me that different features between cameras can dramatically decrease productivity, so, between the X100S and X100T, I ended up getting an X100T (which has closer features to my X-T1 and X-E2 than the X100S) and didn’t regret the choice. There are still differences, but fewer is better.


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