Fuji X-T1 (fw 4.0) vs Canon 7D – Kid’s Soccer sample photos

By default this is also a Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS vs Fuji XC 50-230mm OIS shootout

Sample photos

Overcast, hazy games

I had to keep an eye out for when a lot of the sky was in the photo as the Fuji would darken quickly.

  • Spot metering would not help as I would have to quickly switch back to multi metering (this is fast moving sports, not slow, thoughtful photograph).
  • EV dial would be the way to go in this situation

2800px 20150829 122501 IMG_9973 7D_Crop blurred ps_DCE 2700px 20150829 115822 DSCF5124 XT1_Crop blurred ps_DCE
3500px 20150829 122505 IMG_9978 7D_Crop blurred ps_DCE 3300px 20150829 124413 DSCF5345 XT1_Crop blurred ps_DCE
3800px 20150829 122515 IMG_9981 7D_Crop blurred ps_DCE 3600px 20150829 120504 DSCF5159 XT1_Crop blurred ps_DCE
4300px 20150829 122531 IMG_9984 7D_Crop blurred ps_DCE 4000px 20150829 120721 DSCF5205 XT1_Crop blurred ps_DCE

 Morning/Evening games (and evening practices)

  • Continuous focus struggled more and more as the light disappeared (not surprising)
  • With backlit subjects (no sky in view), the multi metering mode tended to overexpose by about 1/2-1 stop. Average metering mode helped a lot. (Spot metering wasn’t practical as the subjects moved off center quite often.)
  • These comparison Canon 7D photos are from last seasons as I chose to only shoot Fuji during the recent games to avoid losing too many good shots switching between cameras. Unfortunately, that means I don’t have comparable 7D morning shots due to the difference in schedules so below are 7D evening shots. Plus, the 7D photos are mostly from spring soccer (foliage had not grown in yet), but the lighting challenges are similar between morning and evening.

1800px 20150423 181618 IMG_6472 7D_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 1900px 20150919 091933 DSCF6999 XT1_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE3000px 20150423 185204 IMG_6647 7D_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 2400px 20150919 093107 DSCF7070 XT1_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE3300px 20150430 181652 IMG_7179 7D_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 3400px 20150919 094749 DSCF7153 XT1_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE3700px 20150430 182243 IMG_7226 7D_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 4100px 20150919 100059 DSCF7213 XT1_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE

As you can see, the midtones are brighter in the Fuji which brought out more shadow detail in the faces, but the shadows go darker quicker (at default 0). I may try Shadow Tone at -1 at the next evening game.

Highlight Tone -2 (Very Soft)

On bright, high-contrast days, found the highlights in the first soccer shots that I took to be a little too bright for my taste so I tried setting the Highlight Tone to -2, and what a difference this made.

20150912 114752 DSCF6377 XT1_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 20150912 114752 DSCF7254 XT1 HT-2_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE20150912 120602 DSCF6466 XT1_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 20150912 120602 DSCF7256 XT1 HT-2_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE

You lose a little pop in the grass, but you gain a lot of detail in the skin.

Highlight Tone Priority on my Canons kinda did this, but, so far, I like Fuji’s implementation better.

Midday games

The comparison Canon 7D shots are from last fall, but this fall has been much wetter.

3000px 20150411 092407 IMG_5849 7D_Crop blurred_DCE 2500px 20150912 120602 DSCF7256 XT1 HT-2_Crop blurred_DCE3400px 20141004 100459 IMG_9966 7D_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 3200px 20150912 115730 DSCF7255 XT1 HT-2_Crop blurred_DCE3500px 20141004 133910 IMG_0199 7D_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 3300px 20150912 114752 DSCF7254 XT1 HT-2_Crop blurred_DCE3700px 20150321 112941 IMG_4825 7D_Crop_facepixelizer_DCE 3300px 20150912 121150 DSCF7257 XT1 HT-2_Crop blurred_DCE


  • I love the images that I get from the Fuji and it’s easy shutter release button.
  • I love how post processing is really reduced thanks to the always on virtual horizon, consistent exposure and great white balance.
  • but the lens handling is tiresome for a sports photographer during long games

In other words, for me the ideal sports camera would be Canon’s easy to use lens and body with Fuji’s guts inside.


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