Monopod offset for Fuji XC 50-230mm

To shoot kid’s soccer closer to their eye level, I sit in a chair and use a monopod to lighten the load on my arms. I also use a a tennis ball on the end of the monopod to help prevent damage to the chair seat, and added a tripod bracket to my Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS to aim the lens at the players more easily without having to lean forward too much.

(I also sit near the goal to get the faces of the players.)

Having the bracket also has another benefit. I can rest my left hand on it by hooking my ring and pinky fingers onto the bracket’s foot and still have my other fingers free to work the zoom ring. It’s a perfect distance. I started doing it without even noticing that I was doing it.

20150929 215736 IMG_9677 G15 DPP_Crop_DCE 20150929 221100 IMG_9690 G15_DCE

However, the Fuji XC 50-230mm does not have a tripod bracket, but with a short ARCA plate (in this case, a Joby Ultraplate) and the distance created by my X-T1’s base plate, I was able to make a small ledge for my left fingers.

20150929 220626 IMG_9683 G15 DPP_Crop_DCE 20150929 220739 IMG_9685 G15_DCE

The ledge is:

  • Tight (not much room for even one finger) and this is WITH a Fuji small base plate
  • Doesn’t work if you add a the battery grip (the gap is then too large)
  • Wouldn’t work well if the ARCA plate is too long (then it blocks the zoom ring)

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