Peak Design SlideLITE Review

20151202 221004 IMG_9754 G15_DCE

It’s here!!! From left to right is my Peak Design Leash, brand spanking new SlideLITE and original Slide.

The Leash is perfect for my small Canon G15.

The Slide is perfect for my large Canon 7D, 70-200mm f/4L IS and battery grip.

But for my Fuji X-T1 which I use the most, the Leash is not great for multi-hour use and the Slide is too big, but the SlideLITE fits perfectly. You can see the difference in sizes better here:

20151202 221042 IMG_9755 G15_DCE.jpg

Or here in this test shot.

20151202 214520 IMG_9738 G15 boring_DCE.jpg

I could erase the color difference in Photoshop, but I was not inspired by what I saw in the camera so I didn’t do one without the sheet which I had planned to use as a guide to do this:

20151202 214520 IMG_9738 G15 boring_Crop_DCE.jpg

Not perfectly lined up straight, but, again, I went a different direction with the photos.

The build and materials are exactly what I expected from PD — full of careful considerations and high quality control. (I recently got to examine a knock off Leash when I helped a friend Dremel the extra bit off to make the Leash like a mini-Slide. The quality of the knock off was awful.)

You can see the evolution of the SliteLITE from the Slide. For example: the new adjustment buckles give a satisfying “click” when fully locked. The (silicone?) strips for helping keep the strap on your shoulder (when not used as a sling strap) are wider and hopefully won’t buckle like they did on my original (Kickstarter) Slide.

20151203 234624 IMG_9796 G15_DCE.jpg

The buckling is due to flexing and isn’t as noticeable as in my exaggerated photo. I don’t ever use the anti-slip side — I prefer the strap as a sling. When I use the Sling I never notice the strips.

20151202 221417 IMG_9756 G15_DCE.jpg

The bag that comes with it juuust fits the strap with some wiggling. It would have been nice to get a slightly larger bag so storing away the strap after an event would be easier/faster. I actually have the strap hanging out of the bag a little just because it is easier to get it in the bag this way.

20151202 222054 IMG_9763 G15_DCE

I’m also excited that it comes with the latest version of their anchor links with super-duper materials that would make Spider-Man jealous. Above is my worn out anchor, an unused last-gen anchor and the new anchor.

Here is a close-up of the worn out anchor:

20151203 214545 IMG_9793 G15_DCE.jpg

I’ve used ones until they were far worse than this, but this gives you an idea of what the last-gen anchor would do.

I received the SlideLITE the day AFTER I had a 5 hour shoot (which I used the larger Slide), but it won’t be too long before I get to use this new strap. (So excited!)

For more information on Peak Design straps, see my post on Sling Straps.


And here is how I shot these images.

20151202 222303 IMG_9765 G15_DCE.jpg

I need to get some new materials for a seamless background. This one was not built for this. It was made to bounce lighting.


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