Hand Strap on Canon 7D Battery Grip Base

I question popped into my head last night — can I attached a hand strap across the bottom of my Canon 7D’s battery grip? (in order to have the hand strap for portrait orientation shots — something that would be handy for shooting cross country, zip lining, etc.)

Curious minds want to know!

The short answer is no.

Canon 7D battery grip with hand strap

I used the longest strap that I have which is a Peak Design Clutch. At its max, my hand barely fits, let alone allow me to use the shutter button.

Canon 7D battery grip with hand strap

My fingers are just in pain, and forget having both hand straps (landscape and portrait). There just isn’t room in the bottom strap bar for anything else — not even for a Peak Design Anchor.

Canon 7D battery grip with hand strap

If the strap was about 2-3 inches longer, this might have worked. And if this had worked, it would have been an interesting setup.


(By the way, the strap shown is an early production Peak Design Clutch which used a different material (too slick to grip properly and would fray). I was able to get it kinda working by spraying it with rubber tool spray. Peak Design was kind enough to replace it and the reworked strap works great.)


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