Modified Peak Design Leash

I recently helped a friend Dremel off the extra leash bit of his knock-off Peak Design Leash. This gave me the opportunity to document the modification (I had Dremeled mine off years ago). Please ignore any material differences (a genuine Peak Design Leash is much better).

20151128 102107 IMG_9720 G15_DCE.jpg

The little plastic bit that makes the strap able to wrap around one end to your belt, wrist or other object is also an object that rubs against your shoulder when using the Leash as a sling strap.

20151128 102223 IMG_9721 G15_Crop_DCE.jpg

I Dremel mine off very carefully (the plastic is dense).

20151128 102940 IMG_9725 G15_DCE.jpg

20151128 103222 IMG_9726 G15_DCE.jpg

And now it slides over my shoulder much easier.

20151128 103511 IMG_9729 G15_Crop_DCE.jpg

Viola! Now it is like a SlideMINI.

See it compared to the original Slide and SlideLITE.

**Update 8/2017**

Seems like other photographers have given Peak Design some similar feedback, and the new Leash is much more like the SlideLITE. The new design would make an excellent addition to the lighter X100F, but the wider SlideLITE feels more comfortable after a few hours of shooting with my X-T1.



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