Fuji X-T1 (fw 4.0) + XC 50-230mm – Orchestra Concerts

I recently had two chances to test my Fuji X-T1 in orchestra concert conditions.

  • Fuji XC 50-230mm at 230mm
  • Tight spot focus
  • Spot metering
  • Hand held at 1/125, baby! (Great image stabilization)

This is how far back I was.

Fuji X-T1

And here is how close I could get with 230mm:

Fuji X-T1 XC 50-230mm

And 100% cropped:

Fuji X-T1 XC 50-230mm

At 100% crop, I can see her eyelashes! Here is another example:

Fuji X-T1 XC 50-230mm Fuji X-T1 XC 50-230mm

The mechanical shutter was quiet, but not quiet enough to avoid being picked up by my Canon G15 shooting video about 2 feet away.

Electronic Shutter worked fine in this lighting. (Here are a pair of test shots.)

Fuji X-T1 XC 50-230mm electronic shutter Fuji X-T1 XC 50-230mm electronic shutter

I found no banding at 1/250 (or slower). I will have to use this exclusively at the next school concert.


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