Knock-off Peak Design Leash

I recently got to examine a knock off of the Peak Design Leash camera strap when I helped a friend Dremel the extra bit off to make the strap like a mini-Slide. The quality of the knock off was awful, and I took the opportunity to take pictures.

20151202 222823 IMG_9770 G15_DCE.jpg
Top knock off. Bottom genuine Peak Design Leash.

The knock-off strap at the top has minimal stitching including none where the material would catch.

20151202 223035 IMG_9771 G15_DCE.jpg
Top knock off. Bottom genuine Peak Design Leash.

And more minimal stitching where the material would be stressed.

The plastic was much easier to cut than my genuine Peak Design Leash which would make me a little worried about how long the plastic would hold out.

It was extremely difficult to slide the knock-off anchor into the links, plus the links were made of just nylon instead of the super material that Peak Design uses.

I gave my friend a very hard time for getting a knock-off. Not only did it have these quality problems, but it also did not come with a PD plate. However, he was planning on using it with a small point and shoot which isn’t very heavy (so the nylon anchors should be fine) and connected via the camera anchor points (which means he did not need a PD plate).

If his falls apart before my Leash does, he is definitely going to get an “I told you so.”




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