Camera Multiple Personalities

I cut my teeth on a Nikon FM2. For those of you who don’t know, that was a workhorse of a manual only 35mm camera that only required batteries for the light meter. This is probably one of the reasons why I love my Fuji X-T1 so much, since it also has all the major controls as dials for direct control.

I also know my Canon DSLR bodies very well, and one of my favorite features on my Canon 7D are the custom modes (aka C1, C2, C3).

20151207 001312 IMG_9814 G15_DCE.jpg

These are essentially custom presets of nearly every control so you can switch personalities from shooting sports (continuous focus, high frame rate, high ISO) to shooting a sunset (bracketed at EV-3, low ISO) and back to the game with a turn of the dial.

You can also adjust the custom presents and they will revert back to the saved settings once the camera turns off that way your aren’t surprised by the settings when you take the camera out of the bag later.

This is possible because Canon DSLRs are menu and button driven instead of manual dial driven. (Nikon has a similar system, but not all the settings can be saved.) Fuji, by being manual dial driven, makes something like custom modes either impossible or troublesome to properly implement.

Yes, Fuji has custom settings which saves some of the settings, but not anything controlled by a dial, and when you need to switch quickly back AND forth between wide metering continuous focus (midfield soccer) to single metering spot focus (goalie), you have to do this manually on a Fuji and it is slow.

Do I want my Fuji to have this ability to override the manual controls with Canon-like custom modes? Yes, but only if it doesn’t mess up my Fuji.


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