Fuji X-E2S


I recently read a post about the new Fuji X-E2S calling it “a needless camera” since you can get the same from updating the firmware on the old X-E2 when Firmware 4.0 comes out later this week.

Some of the facts are true:

  • The feature list of the hardware and the new firmware for both looks identical
  • Physically, the only difference appears to be:
    • the new handle
    • no “macro” and “AF” printed on the buttons since the new firmware
      • eliminates the need for a dedicated macro button
      • and you can reassign the AF button
    • (http://camerasize.com/compact/#493,652,ha,b)

So if you already own an X-E2, you probably don’t need to get an X-E2S unless the above changes are something you want, but calling it “needless” is unwarranted.

Really, people. Be nice.

Fuji has made no claims that X-E2 owners need to upgrade. (Kudos, Fuji!) They are simply updating the manufacturing of the X-E2 and noting the slight changes with a slight name change.

  • Everyone probably already owns a product treated this way — that’s why tech support, forums and recall notices list the exact model due to these slight differences.
  • Plus, I’ve bought products in the past only to later find out that the manufacturer has made several versions of the model and you can only tell by the serial number or version printed on the bottom which you can’t select when you buy it online. You, instead, get whatever Amazon ships you.

Having a different name is great for buyers. If Fuji continued to make an X-E2 with no changes to the name, you wouldn’t know if you were getting a new X-E2 or a “new” one that had been sitting on a shelf for 2+ years and the battery is now bad from sitting on the shelf too long.

Plus, there are probably plenty of people out there that aren’t tech savvy* and want to buy a new body rather than updating the firmware. It’s their choice.

*If you are one of these less tech savvy individuals, don’t be afraid. Just follow the steps on Fuji’s X-E2 firmware update page or find a friend who is tech savvy and bribe them with pizza to do this for you.

And there are probably plenty of other possibilities. Keep an open mind and go forth and be awesome!


The people at Fujirumors have a good post on the differences. http://www.fujirumors.com/x-e2-vs-x-e2s-ending-the-confusion/


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