Fuji X-E2 Firmware 4.0 First Impressions

2016-02-04 at 08.42.31_DCE.jpg

**Updated 2/18/16**

I have noticed that the time it takes between starting up and being able to get into menus, drive mode, etc, is much slower with firmware 4.0 than the previous firmware. Normally, I could push the drive mode button right way, but now it take a few seconds. I did check to make sure the camera was still on high performance mode after the firmware update (and it was). Is anyone else having this issue?

Fujirumors also posted a number of internal hardware difference in the X-E2s that make some new functions not available on the older X-E2.


Spoiler: Leapfrog!

I have only had Fuji cameras a short time, so I have only experienced a few of the big firmware updates. The latest firmware updates did not disappoint (if you keep realistic expectations).

As usual, the firmware updated so quickly that after I took the above photo with my iPhone, I went to get my Canon G15 to get a better picture, but it was already done.

X-T1 Firmware 4.0/4.1/4.21 → 4.3: Small evolution

I had not gotten much of a chance to use the changes in 4.2 before it was pulled and 4.1 was reinstated (as 4.21). There were several features that might be very appreciated by some photographers, but these were not things I use very often, but as the number implied (a decimal rather than a digit change), this was a slight tweak in the firmware. The real news (for me) is the X-E2 firmware.

X-E2 Firmware 3.10 → 4.0: Big evolution

As the firmware number implies (a full digit increase), this is a big change. I have been using an X-E2 FW 3.10 for a few months now (review pending), but the biggest issue that I had with the old firmware was that it was too different than FW 4.0 on my X-T1, so using them both during a photo shoot was a little off kilter (not as smooth as I would like).

Firmware 4.0 for X-E2 did indeed add the features to help better match the X-T1.

2016-02-05 at 11.16.16_DCE

  • **Update** *Very important!* for complete silence, also turn off Shutter Sound in Sound Set-Up.
    • I had the Shutter Sound off before the update, but after update, it was on again.
    • FYI If you turn off Sound & Flash, yes, the electronic shutter will be silent, but the flash will also not fire. This is to make sure flashes do not go off if you use auto flash which is useful if you go someplace where flash is prohibited or discouraged.
    • and don’t forget to test artificial lighting for banding
  • Zone focus for moving subjects (multi is just too encompassing for a lot of situations)
  • Info moved to the margins in the EVF (a clean image is just wonderful to see)
  • Thinner gridlines in the EVF (is it just me or are the vertical lines still thick???)
  • (And much, much more!)

But it also introduced features that look more like the firmware on X-Pro2!!!

  • Three Auto ISO settings
    • and the Auto ISO in the Profiles are also independent and have to be programmed
    • (Film simulation also had to be set again for each custom setting)
  • Different layout in the Info option on the display
  • Different layout when you push buttons like ISO, light metering, film simulation, panorama direction and size, etc.

Why didn’t Fuji add these features into FW 4.3 for X-T1?

  • It probably can’t have multiple Auto ISO settings since the X-T1 has an ISO dial (you can’t have your cake and eat it, too). **Update** Scratch that. Having an ISO dial shouldn’t prevent you from having multiple Auto ISO settings. Now that I have used this, I want it on my X-T1, too!
  • I can’t answer about why we can’t have a different layout in the display. Maybe they are still testing this for stability (and hopefully released in fw 4.4).

There are a ton of other changes that you can find detailed elsewhere, but for those of you who shoot an X-T1 and an X-E2 together, my impression is that this is a welcome improvement except…

Don’t like:

Fuji removed the movie option from Drive and changed the Wifi/Fn button on the top to a movie button. This is probably to better match the X-T1 design, but the X-T1 has an additional Wifi button. This means you don’t have to choose on the X-T1, but you can only have one on the X-E2 (and I use both!).

And the Info displays are still different now that the X-E2 has X-Pro2-like display.

(Oh, what first world problems I have! 🙂 )

Do like:

That the X-T1 and X-E2 are closer in function.

Just another day that I’m glad that I (mostly) switched to Fuji and their Kaizen philosophy.


Review of X-E2 as 2nd camera to X-T1


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