Noisy “Silent” Electronic Shutter on X-E2 (Solution Found)

If you recently updated your Fuji X-E2 to firmware 4.0 and attempted to use the electronic shutter (for completely silent shooting), you may have noticed it clicking instead of being silent. (This applies to X-T1 firmware 4, too.)

This is because the electronic shutter still uses the settings in Sound Set-up and you are hearing one of the shutter sounds selected.

2016-02-05 at 11.16.16_DCE

Turn sound off here and you should have a completely silent electronic shutter.

  • I had the Shutter Sound off before the update, but after update, it was on again.
  • FYI If you turn off Sound & Flash, yes, the electronic shutter will be silent, but the flash will also not fire. This is to make sure flashes do not go off if you use auto flash which is useful if you go someplace where flash is prohibited or discouraged.
  • and don’t forget to test artificial lighting for banding

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