New Gear Is Not Always About Better Pictures

You’ve probably heard it before.

  • “All cameras now take great pictures.”
  • “You don’t need a new camera to take better pictures.”

For some, better pictures may be the reason why you want to get a new camera, but let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you get a new car to be a better driver?
  • Do you choose a particular pen to be a better writer?
  • Does TV look better from a soft couch or a wooden chair?

Sometimes / many times:

  • You get a new camera to make taking photos easier – to get a better photography partner so you spend less time operating the camera and more of your attention taking photos.
  • Or, your life changes and your challenges change and you need a camera able to meet the new challenges.
  • (This could include smaller, lighter cameras.)
  • (Or, at least in my case, I wanted to get out of the DSLR money pit.)


  • Be kind
  • Don’t fret – if you want to research cameras. Do it. Only you stand in your shoes.


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