The Devil is in the Details

When I carefully examine the photo accessories like hand grips and often find important deal-breaking issues. Normally, I avoid these products, but I recently bought a used X-E2 that came with a 3rd party hand grip with issues (I didn’t buy the camera for the hand grip – I will get a Fuji one eventually).

But this is a good opportunity to remind you to pay attention to the details. For example:

When you hold a camera, you often don’t realize how much your palm plays in keeping it secure. Notice that the genuine Fuji hand grip has rounded edges that fit comfortably in your palm.

20151123 182343 IMG_9709 G15_Crop_DCE.jpg 20151123 182359 IMG_9710 G15_Crop_DCE.jpg

Then notice that the generic hand grip has sharp edges. It was downright painful to use.

The finger grip part of the hand grip is not much better.

20151204_134041 photos_DCE.jpg

Compared to the thoughtfully designed rubberized Fuji grips (my MHG-XT Large feels very secure), the 3rd party grip is sloping and slippery metal which felt like you needed MORE gripping strength to hold rather than less — kinda like trying to hold a heavy textbook with just your fingertips.

The comparison above shows grips available to the X-T1. I’ll post a comparison of the MHG-XT’s to the MHG-XE soon.

So, when you are looking for accessories, especially ones as important as hand grips, please look carefully or you might miss important details. I have happily used cheaper 3rd party accessories before, so I wouldn’t rule them out, but there are certain things that are too important to be cheap.


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