I love the Fuji MHG-XT Large hand grip on my X-T1. The camera feels very secure in my hand and the grip allows me access to the battery while a Peak Design plate is attached. I wanted my X-E2 to have these same improvements, too, so I got an MHG-XE.

(I will refer to the grip’s by their full name, but all you need to watch out for is the last letters (XT vs XE). MHG stands for Metal Hand Grip.)

The MHG-XE is not nearly as large as the MHG-XT Large. Plus, it is at a shallower angle, too. You can see that Fuji is trying to satisfy all types of users with a whole range of grip angles.


20151204_141527 photos_DCE.jpg

 Here is another comparison of the MHG-XE vs the MHG-XT Large.

20151202 224042 MHG-XT large vs MHG-XE anim ezgif.com.gif

The build quality is as excellent as the MHG-XE Large, but there are some design issues.

Unlike the X-T1 which has the SD card on the right side of the body and allowed you to pull it out with a finger and thumb, the X-E2’s SD card sits with the battery at the bottom and requires you to use a fingernail to pull out. Now that the bottom compartment is inside a narrow hole, the raised walls block a finger from easily getting to the SD card’s fingernail notch.

The base of the MHG-XE is not as rounded as the MHG-XT. (The improvement in the newer MHG-XT could be a learned lesson from the older MHG-XE.)

20151123 182343 IMG_9709 G15_Crop_DCE.jpg 20151202 230518 IMG_9790 G15_Crop_DCE.jpg

There is an indentation near the battery compartment. I don’t know the purpose of the indication, but it digs into the palm of my hand.

Using the hand grip also causes me to press into the thumb rest harder. This is not a problem on the X-T1 as the thumb rest is rounded and covered in rubber.

20151206 221642 IMG_9809 G15_DCE.jpg 20151206 221324 IMG_9807 G15_DCE.jpg

But on the X-E2, the rest is hard plastic with a sharp edge. It isn’t pleasant to press into.

Will I continue to use the MHG-XE? Definitely. I already noticed myself adjusting to each camera and not noticing the above problems as much. (Except for the difficulty with getting the SD card out. That still bugs me.)


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