Used Fuji X – Silver or Black?

I could not find any information about how the finish on the silver edition Fuji X series bodies stood up after several years of use in comparison to the all black bodies. I very much wanted the silver bodies to wear well, but searches on eBay for photos of people’s beat up bodies and found that the silver edition fared slightly worse off than the all black bodies.

fuji x body wear and tear

For the most part, the black wore at the feet and screws and in the worst case, the black paint on the hotshoe would be worn out. On the silver, any nicks would reveal the black plastic underneath and would personally bug me. Unfortunately, adding any silver sharpie or paint may not hide the blemish and may still attract attention with added texture.

Please take this quick search with a grain of salt, but for my money, I like the silver look on some of the bodies, but if I am going to have the camera for a while (and endure the wear-and-tear that I would put on it), I would to get a used black body.

P.S. Looks like Fuji takes the worn look of some of their bodies seriously. This may apply to just their pro bodies, but it is nice that this is being done.


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