Fuji X-E2 Bounce Flash

One of the interesting things about the Fuji X-E2 is that the pop-up flash can be tilted so it is a bounce flash. I first read about this here and wanted to try this out for myself once I got an X-E2.

20151222 085348 IMG_9848 G15_DCE 20151222 085503 IMG_9849 G15_DCE

You might think that such a tiny flash would not be useful as a bounce flash, but look at the results.

20151220 115839 DSCF0753 XE2 2up photojoiner.jpg

When the camera switched to flash white balance, it seems to have also brightened up the total exposure. I also did direct flash for comparison and it was typically awful in comparison.

Most cameras lock at ISO400 the instant you use a flash, but if Auto ISO is set to a max of 6400 on a Fuji, it WILL go to 6400 which makes that tiny flash very usable. (Keep in mind that bounce flash is only effective when you have a relatively low ceiling unless you have a big flash then you miiight blind your subjects.)

However, as you can kinda see above, when you mix flash with other lighting at high ISOs, the flash becomes more of a fill flash and the camera’s white balance can get a little wonky, but informal tests that I did at several locations show Fuji’s white balance never going too wonky.

Also, Pattern exposure metering seems to work better than Average. This makes sense since we are really making the exposure complex including near subjects that could go suddenly too bright.

I only wish the flash had some kind of lock up position as holding the flash head upward occupies my left hand from supporting the camera and operating the lens.


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