Yongnuo Flash for Fuji

Sometimes, you just need a powerful on-camera flash. For my Canon bodies, I would grab my trusty and quiet Canon 430EX II, but that flash is manual only on my Fuji bodies (which is not what I want), and Fuji flashes are notoriously noisy (like old school flashes). The next options you might consider are:

  • Canon 600EX-RT which has an on-board light meter
  • Yongnuo 600EX-RT which is a knock off of the Canon model


The cheaper Yongnuo model is certainly more attractive with a ton of features at half the price, but:

  • Yongnuo durability/longevity is notoriously hit-and-miss (although people report an improvement with newer models)
  • But more importantly, the Yongnuo model does not have an on-board light meter. It would be manual only on a Fuji body.

canon vs yongnuo 600ex-rt_DCE.jpg

So, for Fuji users looking for an on-camera flash with on-board light metering, I would not recommend Yongnuo flashes for now. (But, might be a consideration if you are looking for a studio flash.)


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