Fuji Selection Pad as Focus Selection

20160209 084218 IMG_9955 G15_DCE.jpg

I have a love/hate relationship with the Fuji selection pad.

On one hand:

  • I like not having to dive into the menu (or Q menu) for those items I change often during a shoot.
  • I also like how quick it is to have the selection pad dedicated to focus point selection.
    • This often saves me hundreds of extra clicks an hour (clicking on the focus selection activation button).

On the other hand, I don’t like is having to:

  • Dive deep into the menus to change it from custom function pad to focus point selection pad and then back over-and-over again
    • Menu > left > up > up > right > right > down > down > down/up > ok
    • What a pain!
  • Or keep the pad on focus point selection, but then having to spend critical time during events diving into the menu (or Q menu) to change settings.
    • Q-menu > right > down > down > down > scroll, up > up > right > right > scroll, left > left > scroll > ok
    • Even worse pain!


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hold the menu/ok button for about 1 second* and toggle between:

  • Custom function buttons to avoid the menus
  • Or focus point selection?


Toggle, adjust, toggle, shoot! shoot! shoot! (repeat)

No menus (or Q menus). Beautiful!

Fuji, can you make this happen?


*If you hold the menu/ok button for 3-seconds, it currently locks/unlocks the selection pad. Did you know it did that?

Fuji could add an option to have the 3-second hold either toggle lock or toggle the selection pad so those who like the lock won’t lose that.

The above image was made with a Canon G15 at about 1″ from the selection pad. It has strong chromatic aberration which became stronger when I boosted the color, but I wanted to emphasize the blue and orange environmental light.


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