“All You Have To Do”

20160127 215620 IMG_9907 G15 f4.0_DCE.jpg

Nothing good happens after the words “all you have to do” or “you only need.” That goes double for photography.

There are always exceptions.

There are always photographers (even in the same genre) that shoot differently than you.

There is always local weather and atmospheric conditions.

There is always differences in equipment (try shooting the same exposure using two different cameras and see what happens.).

There are always differences between people (their reaction time, what they see, how their hands interact with equipment, etc).

There are almost always complicating factors (sports AND cloudy).

And there is always Murphy’s Law.

Yes, try the recommendations (that’s a great way to start) then adjust as you see fit. Photography is about:

  • being flexible
  • learning
  • compromising
  • and overcoming the issues in front of you to get the shot you see in your head.

And every…

  • “All you have to do”
  • “This is what you do to shoot this”
  • “You don’t need __. You just need __.”
  • “You only need aperture priority to shoot anything.”

… is about pigeonholing your vision into their vision and not helping others stand on their shoulders.

Well, I don’t need to see the same old thing millions of times. I want to see something different!

I love going with photographers to shoot the same thing and seeing all different visions. That gives ME new ideas and inspires me.

So please stop repeating this trash! Let others know what has worked for you and let them discover what works for them.

Go be awesome!!!

The Christmas Cactus was shot using a Canon G15 and a high powered flashlight. Details here.



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