Fuji X Strap Eyelet Silencers

Because I use Peak Design Anchors and small wrist straps, I’m not a fan of the triangular eyelet rings and the leather protective cover since they look awkward.

20160223 082515 IMG_9973 G15_DCE.jpg

They work just fine for neck straps, but not so great with thin connectors. They don’t have that “well thought through” look that you see in everything else Fuji, so I replaced them with small key rings from eBay and DIY leather washers to silence them.

These were made by cutting a washer out of leather scraps (you could probably find better scraps than I had on hand) with an old metal punch, then cleaning them up with scissors.

The metal punch is unusual and overkill. There are probably easier ways to do this, but this is what I had.

20160223 081824 IMG_9971 G15_DCE.jpg

Tip: Fuji comes with a handy key ring tool, but if you don’t have one, you can use an (alligator) staple remover. Be careful not to open up small key ring too wide or the metal will bend too much and stay open (I did this accidentally to one of my key rings. Thankfully, I had several key rings).

20160223 082338 IMG_9972 G15_DCE.jpg

**Update** If you have no need for key rings, you might consider removing the tiny insert and looping your hand strap, Peak Design Anchor, etc directly through the eyelet. I do not have a need to do this yet, but it is an option.


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