Dogwood Blossoms

I came across this beautiful bunch of dogwood blossoms while walking around the park where my daughter’s soccer team was practicing. To get the most creamy background, I used the smallest aperture that I had available on my 50-140mm.

20160317 185021 DSCF3275 XT1 f2.8_DCE

This helped eliminate distractions in the background as you can see here.

At the same distance, this is what my iPhone saw. (It had a hard time focusing on the nearby flowers.) If I got closer to get the same composition as my 50-140mm, the perspective/composition changed (no surprise, but important to note).

Plus, there was no way to get more shallow depth of field to blur out the background due to the iPhone (like many other smartphones) having a fixed aperture that performs like f/22 on a full frame camera due to its sensor size. f/22!!!

Now, I am a big fan of convenience and very little post processing. I have successfully used my iPhone for other types of shots in the past, but…

Which would you choose?

Moreover, I could take a few seconds and do in-camera RAW conversion and increase highlight tone and apply Velvia film simulation to give it more pop (nice in reduced size, but you lose some detail in the flowers).

Now which of these would you choose?

(“Enhancing” the iPhone photo just make it worse and worse. I didn’t think it would be fair to compare the iPhone’s awful “enhanced” results to the better Fuji results.)

Now, I could have taken advantage of the iPhone’s ability to get closer to the subject than my Fuji 50-140mm (I’ve seen some very nice closeup iPhone photography), but I was not looking to take extreme closeups. This would not result in the image that I had in mind,

  • So this would be like trying to return a bad/new screwdriver at the hardware store and the clerk responding “have you tried giving up home repair and taking up wood carving? This screwdriver would be excellent at that. I bet you would be an excellent wood carver.”


  • It’s like:
    • if you wanted to take a photo of your child at the start of a cross country meet,
    • but coming back with a wide shot of all the sprinters preparing for take off (and your child is a dot)
    • because you didn’t have a camera capable of capturing the close up take off at that distance
    • so you took advantage of the iPhone’s “strengths” instead.
    • (and now your child is a dot.)



FYI for those of you new to sensor shape, most large sensors use a 3:2 aspect ratio and small sensors use a 4:3 aspect ratio. That’s why the photos from the Fuji and the iPhone are different aspect ratios.



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