Thinguma Camera Plate Tool & My KeySmart

Since I often modify my camera to suit the task (hand grips, Peak Design plates, battery grips, etc), I have (5/32″) hex wrenches stashed everywhere (because I don’t want them in my pockets), but sometimes I’m just carrying my camera and need something tightened or removed, so I have been looking a while now for a small enough tool that will fit in my KeySmart key holder.

I had no luck until this dropped into my lap (almost literally). I was listening to the Improve Photography Podcast when they mentioned the Thinguma Camera Plate tool, entered their drawing for the tool and won!

First off, the Thinguma tool is one tough piece of gorgeous metal.

It fits beautifully in my plates and Fuji hand grips, and since this hex screw is only two sided (rather than 6 sided), the hardened steel is highly appreciated.

It also fits very well in my KeySmart which had a perfect spot available across from my door access puck (but could have also been across from the key ring holder instead).

Although it sticks out, I don’t notice anything new once it was in my pocket. The edges are not sharp and there is nothing to snag.

Using it once inserted into the KeySmart took a tiny bit to get use to.

The hex wrench is easy, but the screwdriver is not obvious. Using your thumb for pressure and the KeySmart as a wrench handle does the trick.

If I lost this one, would I buy another? Yes, I think that I would. It is really handy and for me, worth the money. If they made something that better fit my KeySmart, would I get it? If I hadn’t had this one already, yes I would!

The above photo is simulating the use of the screwdriver if you didn’t notice. 🙂

I did consider filing down an old key, but I did not have any that were thick enough to correctly be a hex wrench, but I did not have enough motivation to find extra thick keys (if they existed), and I would worry about them being too soft. Plus, I like DIY, but I have no problems avoiding a ton of work (in order to do other things) and letting someone else do it right.

For you new photographers, that’s me being reflected in the Thinguma tool at the beginning of the post. I could have changed by holding a big white sheet between me and the reflective surface, but I just didn’t want to. 🙂


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