Making a Better Mirrorless Hand Strap

In my previous post about why hand straps don’t work on mirrorless cameras, I pointed out that hand straps work great on DSLR because:

  • The height of DSLR bodies are about the width of a palm, so hand straps fit great.
  • The strap attachment point on DSLRS is higher than on mirrorless cameras so it attaches above the fingers.
  • DSLRs have their shutter buttons more forward than most mirrorless bodies.

Most mirrorless cameras aren’t designed this way, so what is to be done?

(Disclaimer: I have not found a solution for me yet, so this is an ongoing post. **Update** Spiderlight Hand Strap works pretty darn well.)

To make a proper small camera strap, you have to overcome a few potential issues. I’m still looking a hand strap for my Fuji X-T1 with MHG-Large, so I’ll focus here.

mirrorless hand strap design 20160526B.jpg

The strap needs to be able to loop around the hand (blue line), then go around the hand in an angle (red line) instead of straight up and down (like on a DSLR), and finally connect to the tripod socket.

Obsticle 1 – Ill fitting

As a result, you have a lot of material which leads to a lot of slack. Some might not like that.

Obsticle 2 – Web cushion

You will need either soft material or a cushion between blue and red to avoid hurting the web of your hand over time.

Obsticle 3 – A lot of movement

Because we haven’t actually repositioned the connection point, the strap will want to move back to that position whenever it can. This will move your hand and fingers out of position adding more back-and-forth movement than is necessary. (DSLRs have a similar twist issue.)


Fuji has their Grip Belt GB-001 that appears to try to address these issues.

But it appears bulkier and is not as adjustable or as easily removable as my Peak Design Clutch.

(This would probably work better with the battery grip as shown in one of the above images.)


Spider has a Kickstarter campaign for a new hand strap for mirrorless cameras.

spyderlite hand strap Cg_EeB-VEAQcH0O.jpg

It appears they have designed an adapter to address the upper attachment point problem (blue line in my obstacles to overcome section).

I have some issues with the design which you can read about here.

However, I am still tempted to support this kickstarter campaign. If I do, I’ll post my impressions.

**Update** I got a Spiderlight Hand Strap! Here are some first impressions.


Here is my post on my attempt to modify a Peak Design Clutch hand strap to fit on mirrorless bodies.


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