SpiderLight Hand Strap

**Update** This is no longer speculation. Here are my first impressions.

First of all, this is all speculation as I have not had my hands on the SpiderLight Hand Strap. I have simply seen the Kickstarter campaign and have been doing research to see if I want to support the campaign.

There isn’t much information online yet, but I see some issues for me off the bat.

1) As The Nimble Photographer noted, the design appears to be designed for either those who like their thumb extending way up higher than their index finger (see photo) or for cameras where you don’t use your thumb as support.

spyderlite hand strap Cg_EeB-VEAQcH0O.jpg

The attachment point is way too high. The best attachment point location on my Fuji X-T1 is right where the thumb rest lies just about parallel to the current attachment point just I predicted with my overlay.

Note: if I used a thumb rest, my thumb would be higher, but since I like my hand grip

2) Because it is more molded (which isn’t a bad thing in itself), my Fuji’s would have a more difficult time fitting in my small-and-nimble Vanguard Adaptor bags. Small-and-nimble is one reason why I moved to Fuji in the first place.

3) And unlike other hand straps, the rigid bottom will require that I loosen my ARCA plate every time I need to change batteries which is frequent on my Fuji cameras.

Despite all this, I’m still interested in supporting the campaign. Examining specs and photos is one thing, but having the thing in your hands is entirely different and maybe it works wonderfully.

If I get one, I’ll certainly post about it.

**Update** I supported the campaign, and it was successfully funded (by over 300%). The mid-June update said shipments should go out starting in July.

**Update** Here are my first impressions.



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