Modified Joby DSLR Hand Strap

Until I can find a good hand strap for my Fuji X-T1, I have been using various wrist straps including the Joby DSLR hand strap with my heavy 50-140mm. One thing that I hate about it is that it tightens when I am not using it so getting my hand into it takes longer. To address this problem, I decided to add a velcro stopper so it won’t close as easily. I did this by first wrapping the strap with the hooks out to protect the strap. Then I wrapped that with the hooks in to protect my skin.

The result is a more usable strap,

but it still takes me a few seconds to get my big hands into the loop (something that I don’t have to do with a hand strap), so I will keep looking.

**update 12/1/2016** Now that I have a Spiderlight Hand Strap in place, I never remove it! It is so comfy and barely a thought.


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