Everyday Photography – Weeds at the Soccer Fields

Our family has been very busy lately, so I try to take any opportunities that I can to shoot something interesting. This time, it was weeds at the soccer field where my daughter was practicing with her team.

Now, as many of you know, the world is often a diamond in the rough in a photographer’s eye, so something like this…

20160414 185058 DSCF5206 XT1 wide_DCE.jpg

Can look like this.

20160414 185549 DSCF5210 XT1_DCE.jpg

Or this…

20160414 190440 DSCF5216 XT1 wide_DCE.jpg

Can be this…

20160414 190424 DSCF5117 XT1_DCE20160414 190621 DSCF5218 XT1_DCE20160414 191134 DSCF5221 XT1_DCE

Keep your eyes open and happy shooting!


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