A Matter of Perspective

If you are new to photography or needing photography inspiration, try a new angle. For flowers (weeds in this case), it often helps to get low.

From standing eye level, you see this…

20160421 190031 DSCF5637 XT1 wide_DCE.jpg

and this if you zoom in, you see this…

20160421 185007 DSCF5610 XT1 high angle_DCE.jpg

And if you shoot lower (at the waist), you don’t get much different.

20160421 184954 DSCF5607 XT1 medium angle_DCE.jpg

But if you really get low, then you can find something interesting.

20160421 184928 DSCF5602 XT1 low angle_DCE.jpg

It is also helpful to try different distances and focal length lenses. For example, close up you get this look…

20160421 190858 DSCF5661 XT1 50mm 3ft_DCE.jpg

but further away you get this look…

20160421 190916 DSCF5664 XT1 140mm 6ft_DCE.jpg

Here they are again. Both are at f/2.8.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notice how the longer focal length both:

  • reduces the depth-of-field (making the background and foreground fuzzier)
  • and compresses the background and foreground (brings them closer together)

…so, in this case, I was able to declutter the background by going to a longer focal length.

Cheers and happy shooting!

For those of you looking for a new camera, I used a camera with a tilt screen (Fuji X-T1) so that I did not have to lie down on the ground to see what I was shooting.

20160421 183509 iphone5s_DCE.jpg

You can probably do this with a flip screen (that’s a screen that flips out to the left first then turns). I don’t have a camera with a flip screen, but I think they would be more awkward to shoot in this case.


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