Old Eyes and Tilt Screens

For those of you looking for a new camera, you can use a camera with a tilt screen (like my Fuji X-T1) so you can get high angles like this…

20160305 154929 DSCF1857 XE2_DCE anon

or low angles like this without lying down on the ground to see what you are shooting.

20160414 185549 DSCF5210 XT1_DCE

(You can probably do this with a tilt screen, too (that’s a screen that flips out to the left first then turns). I don’t have a camera with a flip screen, but I think they would be more awkward to shoot in this case (getting in the way of my left wrist).

20160421 183509 iphone5s_Crop_DCE


Although I can technically see what I am shooting with a tilt screen, I find them infinitely less useful than a viewfinder. I mean, which view would you prefer???

  • A view that looks like you are standing inches away from a 60″ high def tv?
  • or a view that looks like you are holding a 3″ screen an arm’s length away???

After I downloaded the photos, I found highlights and distractions in the background that I did not see in the 3″ screen (surprise!). More care could avoid some of this, but seriously… 3″ screen an arm’s length away! Crazy!

Just something to be aware of.

Would I chose a camera with a tilt over one without?

Yes, definitely. Non-tilting screens held at an angle make the non-tilting screens even less effective, but like everything photography, I’m still looking for more effective tools. Cameras that link to less awkward Google Glasses or Sony’s contact lenses? Hmmm…


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