Fuji X-T1 vs X-T2

There has been a lot of press lately since the X-T2 announcement. Here is my 2 cents as a X-T1 owner — none of which is surprising I don’t think.

If you make your living on photography…

and need all the new features, by all means go for it. Those are impressive new features that improve an already great camera and should help you get better pictures and make your job easier.

If you have deep pockets…

by all means go get the new X-T2 or replace your X-T1 (and donate the X-T1 to me 🙂 ). It sounds like an awesome camera that will convert many DSLR owners.

If you already own an X-T1 and are happy with it

but aren’t able to afford the new X-T2, don’t fret — remember that you are happy with it. Getting an X-T2 isn’t likely to improve your photography greatly unless you rely on those new features in your photography (and most don’t). Enjoy a great camera that you got at a lower price.


I’m impressed by all the updates, but if the X-T2 was the only model available when I first considered the switch to Fuji, I’m not sure I would have paid the higher price (it is slated to be $300 more expensive than the X-T1).

I have not heard yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Fuji leaves the X-T1 on the market for a while (or until the X-T3 comes out) in order to have three tiers of the X-T series costing about $300 per step (X-T10, X-T1 and now X-T2). Each should help them hit a different sweet spot for people.

Hope this helps some of you out there. Good luck and happy shooting!


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