Generic Fuji Bare Metal Extension Tubes

Earlier, I purchased a set of 10mm and 16mm extension tubes with contacts. These worked fine, but for another project, I purchased bare metal extension tubes and though that I would take them for a spin.

Just the body and lens adapters add about 14-15mm and there are additional 7, 14 and 28mm for a whopping 63-64mm total which is very long don’t you think?

20160520 150320 IMG_0116 G15_DPP_DCE.JPG

(It is even more ridiculous with my 50-230mm.)

The sections are connected by the same thread used in 52mm filters.

20160520 215409 IMG_0118 G15_DPP_DCE.JPG

Just the body and lens adapter at 14-15mm drops the light about 2-2.5 stops, so by my calculations — carry the 2… double each step… — all the adapters stacked would drop the exposure approximately 1 billion stops — better get the halogen lamps out!

20160520 150640 DSCF2898 XE2 18mm lens + 15mm_DCE_DCE.jpg

20160520 150211 DSCF2897 XE2 55mm lens + 64mm stacked_DCE_DCE.jpg

Top image just has the body and lens adapter (14-15mm). Bottom image has all the adapters stacked (63-64mm) which resulted in ISO6400 1/20 at f/4 (the widest aperture at 55mm). Neither are cropped.

The wider the lens (smaller mm’s) the stronger the effect of the extension tubes. That is why the bottom picture is at 55mm. At 55mm, I’m pretty much jammed up against the pull tab. If the zoom lens were set any wider, I would not be able to get close enough to focus.

Here is an example using the previous 10mm and 16mm extension tubes on 18mm and 55mm focal length.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Again 50mm (and less) and using the full stack of extension tubes = jammed up against the subject (50-230mm lens)

70mm allows you to get a few inches away and get nearly the same shot (50-230mm lens)

  • but with no power, you also don’t have any image stabilization, so you have to use faster shutter speeds or tripods
  • and with my 50-230mm lens (which is light due to being plastic), it is even longer and harder to use hand held than the 18-55mm.

And no power also means no manual focus on Fuji lenses (which use fly-by-wire manual focus).

  • If you are using a zoom Fuji lens, you are in luck (kinda).
  • You can use the zoom ring to kinda focus.
  • You composition changes a little, too.
  • Otherwise, you focus by moving within the very limited focal range which may limit the image you are trying to capture.

Not to mention that you have to have a very well lit subject. (This is a blinding flashlight that uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.)

20160521 001454 DSCF2917 XE2_DCE.jpg

The light from the lamp is blocked by the lens once you try to shoot using the extension tubes.

Do you kinda get a sense that this is just a huge pain in the neck? I don’t know if using a tripod and long exposure gives you any better results, but I typically don’t use a tripod especially with such close subjects.

The more I try these giant extension tube setups, the more I like my tiny Canon G15 that I can use under a lamp while holding the subject in my other hand. Boom! Done.


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