Tiny Bug in the Tiger Lillies

When our tiger lillies bloomed in early summer, I though this might be a good opportunity to use the generic extension tubes I purchased a few weeks back. Little did I know there would be a tiny visitor to catch my eye.

20160606 192947 DSCF3102 XE2 50-230 at 50 10mm extension_DCE

This tiny bug wasn’t easy to shoot. It was only about 1/4″ long. With the extension tube and low, evening light, the relatively wide aperture gave only a few mm’s depth-of-field as you can see here in this 3fps sequence.

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With the increased magnification of the extension tube, I either:

  • need to shoot at a higher shutter speed than 1/125
  • or do what I did here and shoot multiples and hope that focus and a still moment meet

I tried shooting closer at 50mm or farther at 230mm. I liked the softer bokeh at 230mm, but with that there is an even tinier depth-of-field.

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With a very light breeze blowing and a tiny depth-of-field, only one shot made it from the 230mm set before the bug crawled away.

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Yes, with the 10mm extension tube, I could have shot much closer, but this all happened in a few seconds before he disappeared, so I didn’t have the opportunity for this little guy. I will have to try again in the future.


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