A Walk in the Park

On a 3-day weekend, my wife wanted us to go for a walk in the park.

20160618 114643 DSCF9546 XT1_DCE

I thought this was a great idea especially since it was a cooler morning. When we got there, she saw that I had a camera bag in the back of my car and asked, “are you going to take a camera?”

We have been married 16 years and she has to ask? Does she not know me???

I only took my X-T1 and “kit” 18-55mm on a sling strap. I imagine she was afraid that I would take the whole backpack, but I wanted to travel light. It was a nice walk in the park after all.

My younger daughter and I walked ahead and found some wonderful treats.

And as we were leaving, we found this little guy.


I recently discovered that Flipboard has a 150 word (700 character) minimum before it will show text in articles. This post originally had 154 words according to WordPress, but a previous article WordPress reported as having 155 words only had 116 words according to Flipboard validator, so I’m adding several words to the end of this post to avoid the issue. The final count according to WordPress is now 275 words. Hopefully, Flipboard will identify this worthy of displaying the text that accompanies the photos.

Am I the only person who finds Flipboard deciding that it is ok for them to censor the text that people include with photos. Yes, photos speak a thousand words, but text can give a lot of context. Anyone else concerned???


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