Inconsistent Censorship in Flipboard

Is anyone else having difficulty with sharing posts on Flipboard?

According to their support, Flipboard strips text from articles (and only shows the photos) if they detect less than 150 words (700 characters) in the article.

But this rule is not consistently applied. I’ve had some posts with plenty of words come up as only photos and some posts with very little text get all their text.

Don’t count on WordPress’s word count. One post that WordPress counted as 155 words had only 116 words according to Flipboard validator.

To test how your blog looks to Flipboard:

  • Go to and enter your blog. Don’t forget to add “/feed/” to the end of your URL if your feed needs it.
  • Or save your page to one of your Flipboard magazines and see how it displays
  • Or search for your feed’s URL and add it to your feeds. Don’t forget to add “/feed/” if your URL needs it.
    • (On the iPad app – don’t know if the site does the same thing) If your blog doesn’t show up, click on the last tab (Social). It might be under “super secret Flipboard feed.”

Flipboard might have a logical reason to do this, but is anyone else concerned that Flipboard decided that it was ok for them to censor content you created??? Yes, photos speak a thousand words, but:

  • photos can easily be misleading
  • and text can give a lot of context
  • (or, in my case, hopefully teach or inform someone what not to do).

Anyone else concerned with this unilateral decision (with questionable ethics)???


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