Decaying Leaves

It was really hot here in the Midwest when I shot these a few months ago. How hot? Daily excessive heat warnings for around 100°F were not lying, so just walking around with a camera wasn’t very appealing, but here are some quick shots of some leaves we found while my younger daughter and I went to feed a neighbor’s cat while they were on vacation.

20160707 192852 DSCF0505 X100T_DCE

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that this shot wasn’t dead in focus, but that’s what happens when you shoot

  • such a wide aperture (f/2)
  • very close up (you get very shallow depth-of-field)
  • of a moving subject

If I had thought about it, continuous focus and burst high/low would have helped this, but I had the camera on single focus single shot for the walk.

I shot some more after I noticed the first shot out of focus, but the heat had taken away her smile after that.

20160707 192914 DSCF0506 X100T_DCE

This next shot is my favorite composition, but again, heat had taken away her smile. 😦

20160707 192919 DSCF0507 X100T_DCE

20160707 193009 DSCF0509 X100T_DCE

She especially liked the last shot because she really wanted to fan a number of leaves together. 🙂 Who am I to say no to that?


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